03 April 2009

my dream come true

my new camera! i got it...
i have do the research to buy a camera half year ago...
finally i have my very 1st camera!
so thank you to my dear...
tis camera oso is my early birthday present.
i love it very muchie... hahahappyy-stop

sony cybershot skinny T series!
12.1mega pixel
is the upgrade model of T77
and jz start sell at malaysia when 22th March 2009!!! very new model of sony cam!!!
wow... n i get it when 2nd of aprilhappyy-stop

happyy-stopmine 1 is pink rose colour...abit like purple oh....

free mini tripod... n oso red casing... cool red! i like i like!!!

start try... haha
lol my miror so dirty...

muack.... i heart you dear...


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