22 April 2009

I am Big Lazy Worm

no body will pity me
bcz is me dwn study at all....
i nt prepare well to face the war for this sem.
i dwn repeat year 1, can i continue to year 2?

last nite stomache and start lax...
i thought 2day morning will recover, but stil the same... omg
stil gt 2hour nid seat for final...
luckily, no more painful n no more feel wanna go toilet when reach the hall

me, feel will fail my Tamadun and Mass media and society at tis sem...
i m so so so regret!
it already over, i should accept it bcz is my wrong! i din do revision n study
always face to computer
jz play facebook and read ppl blog
i like to read blog

stil hav three paper to go...

jia you jia you!!!

will bek hmtw 2mr
stop blogging for a week...
so sad...
no more facebook
my restaurant city will lose ppl ....T.T


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