21 April 2009

raining nw....

it already 3.30am....
haha jz study a bit only
Kiern(my classmate) force me study...lol....
a lot ppl force me study jz nw....
haiz.. sorry... bcz i really no in mood
raining~ bt cant sleep
suddenly i miss home
jz nw read some ppl blog
the ppl so pity( her bf dwn her ad, bcz the boy fall in love wit other, b4 tat, the boy have betray her twice ad... haiz the gal still cant forget her bf... so pity T.T)
after read her story... i feel a bit scare, scare my darling will betray me like the boy...

this few day i always repeat listen a song
sang by 张信哲
although the song hav a bit old...
bt nice wat... so nvm if i listen many time. XD
repeat repeat repeat the song~~~

i wan drink tropicana twister .... the orange juice very nice!


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