31 March 2009

♥Mandy's birthday♥

30th march which is Mandy Lee Mun Yee birthday....happyy-stop
happyy-stopwho is the beauties in our class ... kaka....

v celebrate her 19th birthday at twenty first(21st)...
me is very 1st time go there...
pub?hah i duno...i noe everybody oso can go...
so u happy i happy ~ yea

happyy-stophappy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday to Mandy Lee
happy birthday to you...!!!

see... she so happy~~~
make a wish, make a wish~~~ she stil ntyt told us wat she have wish... haha
wanna get A in exam?(she ad get well in her exam) wanna a car?(she have car ad) wanna bcome pretty?( she is awesome!)
i wish her happy always! yeah happyy-stop
is time to cut the cake lo~ yummy~~happyy-stop
happyy-stopshe's so happy, when receive the present from her best fren( May, Pei Ying and Cherry)

happyy-stopbig family^^

the girl happyy-stop

me n suet mun

May n me
me, mandy( who's bday) and suet mun

i like below the picture so much...
mandy,how u think?happyy-stop
muack~ happy birthday~
time fly~
no more 18th years old lo... lol
happyy-stopkeep the sexy nineteen!


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