05 March 2009

sem 3

i PASS all subject at Sem2 bt nid resit again IT which is sem 1 wan... aiyo c- r!!! pain pain ...
sem 3?
bcome more n more tough!
i wan stop to continue my college life can?
i gt think b4!
tired until cant sleep... cry? no ppl noe...
1st week ad hav assignment ! shit! journal ? i duno hw to find a journal in title "HOW FAR DOES THE MASS MEDIA PROVIDE POLITICAL KNOWLEDGE IN M'SIA"??? wat?
mz pure journal cannt find summary!

i hope lecturer can help me!!! pls!!!

jz quarral wit him!

i very tired!

i miss mummy again!

i feel i wan stop to study! i duno ... jz mayb...

i duno wat i wan !

fren ... will u look down me if i suddenly stop to study college?

giv me respond!


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