07 January 2009

He ...

He come to Kampar find me, I'm so happy .
Next day morning, we go to Ipoh shopping.
I hope he can buy cny cloths, and i can accompany him.
1stly, we ad go to our destination Jaya Jusco, very happy when date with him.
V din spend a lot many at there.
But very happy cz i have take "da tou tie" with him...
quite expensive leh nid rm22...
somemore the sales gal very lazy to teach us hw to use tat machine... bad manner oso...


I don like go Ipoh very much, espectially Jaya Jusco.
mayb there r many rich ppl there and im poor, i din wear so fashion at there,
many sales gal like "狗眼看人低".... haiz, so realistic!!!
bfore go to Ipoh parade, i wan go buy a lipstick at SASA shop,
there oso hav same problem, when i ask them which wan is light colour, bt the sales gal point to the most cheaper lipstick there... so cow!!! think im so poor izit? i nt willing to buy expensive ones meh?
KL SASA services best than there leh!!! last time i go there the sales gal very kind to me.
nowdays all sales gal attitude r bad!!!

luckily he bside me.
lastly, v go to Ipoh Parade.
v ad buy couple pant le!!! haha^^
i wan wear it when date wit him next time!!!
yea~ go bek Kampar ad......
happy day faster gone, he ad went bek Kl next day early in the morning....sad sad
dar dar i miss u le...
do u miss me???

meet u when 21th Jan...~~

couple pant, and some thing i have buy at Ipoh...
i buy a lipstick at Watson!!! haha
dwn buang money in SASA!!!


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