23 April 2010

20th years old

my bday
I like APRIL very much...
bcz is my 'big big' day

1st celebration
advance bday celebration at back office....
wee.... i very happy bcz i very suprise tat day
1st, i said i wan buy starbucks
ALL my colleague say ok ok ok ok.... bside tat supervisor oso ask me fast fast go buy....
when i go inside back office frm starbucks tat time, really so surprise le.... X~X
i saw gt very CUTE FLOWER and PRESENT.....^^
really touch me man!!! thz Mr.ALEX so much, bside tat oso thank my DM en.Rahim and all my colleague......XD



i like tis BEAR BEAR ( my new boy fren )

11th APRIL 2010

11.30pm, go starbucks hav a drink with some fren
they all chating till i feel very boring... bcz i duno they talk abt wat?
bcz they use bahasa indonesia....
tot she will sang a song 4 me when 12am tat time........
but N O .... no.....
i really so dissapointed
i cry at room.......
haha stupid rite? i really so easy cry
k.... forget abt its.... bcz they said 12th april nite will celebrate with me....

12th april 2010

open facebook, all fren wish me.... (thz q ya... )
happy happy go work.....
wait till 11pm
i finish work lo...


i damn disappointed at tat nite,
bcz they all lie me...
sumthing happen btw my fren n her bf
so, she nid to go down kl immediately
but she ad prepare cake for me
gt cake but no celebration
left at back office
sommore i merajuk.... my fren angry me oso... many thing la... bla bla bla
all plan CXL ad.....
i sincerely so sad
cry so badly at tat nite.... T___T

13th APRIL 2010 La...

someone bday....
ta daaaaa...


his bday at 13th
celebrate at Be A Star
actually i really dwn attend mia
i really no mood at tat nite
finally i choose to go,
bcz i really dwn waste the cake
i hope other ppl bday oso hav a cake
Can blow the cake
Can cut the cake
Can make a wish when finish sang bday song


although no body can celebrate with me when my bday tat nite
but i really hope my fren gt a proper bday celebration
i noe the feeling, noe tat wat the feeling if all ppl lying on u when u so desperate for ur bday celebration

tat nite at be a star really enjoy ^^
Smile Smile Smile....
Snap photo....
Sing song.....

bday boy n bday gal

make a wish (earn many many money!!!) haha XD

iver and her mei mei

wei ling n me (fat fat)
wei ling(pretty gal) n xyven

haha i ad 20th years old lo...
may my dream come true....
hope gt ppl sayang me^^
hope i can learn and earn alot tis years
hope wat i wan oso can get....
NO la....


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