20 January 2010

recently 2010

tis is my 1st post in 2010.... i am so lazy nowadays! lazy to hang out wz fren, lazy wake up, lazy to go work n alot alot alot ....
the thing i often to do is ~ ta daaaa .....-> ONLINE!!!

2010 lo.... i bcome 20 years old..... 20+ ad le..... walaeeeee so fast ad le.... ti
me flies!
my job??? i like my job but i nt satisfied with my salary, haha money not enough r!!! money money money$$$

i hope i can transfer to other department oh.... (maxim foa? GSA? o go learn some skill?) wao.... pening pening!!!)
wish my dream come true!!!! i ad bored with my job..... T

haiz.... i duno wat i wan nw!
i hope i gt alot alot freedom!
i love to Be SINGLE and AVAILABLE....
i LOVE my self! I proud bcz I stil is the CHAN YEE MUN u noe!
the talkative mia, the blur mia, the stupid mia!

my very 1st time ♥


  1. SayTar said...
    wow..nice photo!
    all the best la~
    Ng Chuan Wen said...
    who is the person who taking the photo?
    u work as...?
    e_mun90 said...
    say tar.... thz ya.... u oso all the best ya!
    e_mun90 said...
    Chuan Wen, tis photo taken by my fren, name hoong ping.... i work as foa

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