05 May 2009

9th May 2009

Lee Moon Birthday
she come bek from singapore, so me n Mei Teng decided to celebrate her bday b4 she go back
she will go back on thurdays
so v plan to giv her a surprise
tat day v ask her come out sing k
mei teng tuition, so i nid to plan hw to celebrate her bday
so i go buy a cake 1st n then ask the waitress keep the cake
in the middle of sing k,
i tel them i wan go to the toilet
at that time i go take the cake n put the candle on the cake and prepare to go inside the room
bside tat i oso ask the waitress help me to play the bday song in my room...
when the bday song started play in the room,
lee moon very excited.... haha bcz she though is techician problem....
my plannning very success! yeah....
then i bring the cake infront of her, she jz notice tat bday song is play 4 her....

happy bday to u....
happy bday to u
happy bday to lee moon
happy bday to uuuuuuuu~~~^^
she's so happy

fren forever....


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